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Digi_T Marketing LLC

If you're not BREAKING THE MOLD, you're growing it

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About Digi_T Marketing, LLC

My firm conviction lies in the ability of small businesses to thrive. It is my firm belief that they are worthy of the same brand recognition as their larger counterparts, but at a fraction of the cost. Digi_T has the capability to aid your small enterprise in obtaining brand recognition by harnessing social media platforms to incorporate paid advertisements and organic reach. Our agency does not function like the typical large-scale companies where clients deal with various individuals and are provided with pre-designed, formulaic content. Every campaign that we develop is customized to suit your brand's particular requirements while keeping in mind your customers' preferences.


Professional Social Media Marketing

Successful social media marketing requires a well-maintained online presence that accurately reflects your brand. To achieve this, a comprehensive content management strategy that includes frequent posting, the use of visuals, and measurement analysis is essential. This will ensure that your target audience consistently thinks of you and views you as an authority in your field. Additionally, meaningful connections and engagement with customers are crucial to establishing credibility and trust. However, achieving this level of success takes hard work and dedication. The best way to get there is to enlist the help of a professional social media marketer. Together, we will discuss your goals and devise a plan to make them a reality. Every campaign begins with a solid strategy.

Comprehensive Social Media Management Packages

Crafting a distinctive brand voice requires a customized strategy that acknowledges the individuality of your business. Elevating your company's social media presence can be achieved by enlisting the expertise of Digi_T Marketing LLC. These services cater to an array of social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, and provide a range of engagement options to match your desired level of follower involvement.


Marketing that fits your budget

As a small business owner, I recognize the importance of operating on a tight budget to achieve success. That's why I've designed affordable packages that cater to the unique needs of new and growing businesses. For those looking to establish a presence on social media gradually, I recommend allocating a smaller budget for digital marketing. Once you start seeing positive results, it's essential to upgrade your services to drive more growth. Effective marketing is about more than generating clicks and followers; it's about nurturing customer loyalty and trust in your brand. By investing in marketing, you can increase your chances of generating leads and converting them into satisfied customers. A smart move is to promote your business in places your target audience frequently visits, and working with an expert marketing firm such as Digi_T Marketing can ensure you get the best results at a cost you can afford.

Digi T Marketing Logo_clipped_rev_1.png


PO Box 184

Suwannee, FL  32692

Toll-Free: 855-262-0944

Office:     561-246-4624 *1000

Direct:     561-279-3023 *1001

Fax:         561-340-3387

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