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Updated: Jan 17, 2023

The first thing you need to know about hashtags is that they are not just for Twitter. In fact, a quick peek at any social media platform will show you that people use hashtags for almost anything and everything.

In 2007, Twitter introduced the hashtag as a way to organize and categorize the content. The idea was simple: create a unique tag that would help users find posts relevant to their interests. It has since evolved into something much more meaningful than its original purpose. Today, hashtags are used for everything from passing along memes to discussing current events or raising awareness of social issues like mental health or climate change.

The best practices for using hashtags on social media platforms vary depending on what you're trying to accomplish with your post. If you're looking for engagement or reach, then you'll want to use keywords as hashtags in order to target specific groups of people who are likely interested in what you have to offer (or at least be able to relate).

Instagram Hashtags

Instagram is the best platform for hashtag optimization. Itโ€™s arguably the most hashtag-friendly social media platform, and you can include upwards of 30 hashtags in a post and add more in the comments. However, todayโ€™s experts recommend five to ten hashtags per post as the โ€œsweet spotโ€ for driving users to your Instagram account.

Use hashtags that are terms your customers use, relevant to your brand and industry, and descriptive of the postโ€™s content. This will help drive users to your Instagram account.

Facebook Hashtags

Hashtags are a powerful tool for brands, but they're not something you want to overuse on Facebook.

Facebook jumped on the hashtag bandwagon in 2013, and it's likely your family and friends don't use hashtags on their Facebook posts. However, it's common practice for businesses and brands to take advantage of this tool. We recommend keeping hashtags to a minimum on Facebook, with no more than 4-5 hashtags per post. With the integration of Instagram, marketers have been encouraged to keep using hashtags on Facebook for cross-promotion between platforms to double hashtag reach.

LinkedIn Hashtags

LinkedIn is a great platform for business-orientated professionals to network and engage with their target audience, but it can also be used to engage with topics that your brand specializes in or has an interest in.

LinkedIn has recently been criticized for its use of hashtags. However, there is still value in using hashtags on the platform. As with any social media platform, it is best to use 3-5 hashtags per post and to only use them strategically.

Hashtags on LinkedIn are useful because they group together topics and categories so users can easily find related content.

Twitter Hashtags

Twitter is the OG of social media. The platform was created in 2006 and has been a staple in our lives ever since.

The only way you can earn some serious followers on Twitter is by creating great content. Write posts that are relevant to your audience and use hashtags strategically. If youโ€™re a business, then use hashtags related to your industry/niche, but also include some more general ones too (#business #marketing #entrepreneur).

Itโ€™s also important to remember that Twitter isnโ€™t case-sensitive, so using capitalization between words will make it easier for people to read your posts!

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