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How Much Does it Cost to Have a Professional Make Your Facebook Page?

When it comes to creating a professional-looking Facebook page for your business, the impact of having an experienced professional design and set it up for you can be enormous. Not only does a professional have the expertise to ensure that the page looks its best, but they also have access to advanced graphics and design tools that can help make your page stand out from the competition. However, one of the biggest questions many business owners have is what price should they expect to pay for such a service. In this blog post, we'll discuss the various factors that can affect the cost of having a professional create a Facebook page for your business.

The Purpose of a Facebook Business Page

Your business social media page is a place where you can connect with your customers and potential customers, show them what your brand is all about, and get them excited about your products or services. It's also a way to showcase your products or services in action—whether that's through videos, pictures of people using them, or even just pictures of the product itself. This helps customers understand what they're buying into when they're making their purchase decision.

But in the end, most importantly, we need to define what your goals are for your brand and go from there.

Setting a Budget for Your Facebook Business Page

If you want the relatively simple you can probably do it yourself or have someone set it up for $500-$1000 or so. A more complex page could cost quite a bit. Some things that will impact your price will include whether you want graphics made or you already have them, how advanced you want the page to be, etc.

What to Expect When Working with a Professional

As far as managing the page, again, it depends on what you want. It will probably be difficult for someone else to generate content for you unless you can develop a process to help the person do so. For example, do you have specials you plan on offering, something on your website that is constantly changing that could be the basis of your content? You could arrange to post that yourself or hire someone to do it.

If you just need occasional tweaks to the page you can expect to pay a consultant’s hourly rate (which can vary greatly) or pay a lesser hourly rate if you have a guaranteed contract for a certain number of hours.

As far as creating ads, it isn’t that difficult but if you just don’t have the time or aren’t comfortable writing copy, it will depend on how many ads you want and how much monitoring you are expecting.

As far as generating members, that is going to take some cooperation between you and the consultant to identify your likely target and the best way to get those folks to “like” your page.

How to Choose the Right Professional for the Job

There are many ways to manage your social media, but when it comes to choosing the right person for the job, there's no one-size-fits-all solution.

A social media manager needs to be able to take on your brand in its entirety—not just the content you share online, but also the way that content is presented and how it fits into your overall marketing plan. It's not enough for them to know how to write a good tweet or post; they need to understand how each social platform works and how it can help you meet your objectives.

So what should you look for in a social media manager?

First off, they should be passionate about what they do. If they don't care about what they're posting, it shows in their work and ultimately reflects poorly on you as a company.

Second, they should have a strong understanding of what makes each platform unique and how best to utilize those strengths within the context of your overall strategy.

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rashna sharmin
rashna sharmin
Feb 08, 2023

nice blog

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Tonya Brokaw
Feb 08, 2023
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Thank you Rashna. I always appreciate your support!

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