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Teamwork = Success When It Comes To Your Social Media Management

When you turn over your business social media page to a social media manager, you can't expect your brand to be on autopilot afterward. Consider your social media manager to be part of your team. You still need to engage with your social media manager on a regular basis to ensure that your vision comes to fruition. It is, after all, your business and your vision.

You might think that once you've hired a social media manager, it's all over for you—but nothing could be further from the truth! Your social media manager needs input from all angles in order to maintain and convey your business’s authenticity and integrity, so don't assume that just because one person is running the social media show that they'll have everything under control.

You also need to have access to major things like logins and passwords. Social media managers are not hacker magicians. We can't access your account information without you providing the necessary login info. And from the beginning and every week thereafter, you’ll need to continue to feed your social media manager such critical information as digital photo’s, revisions to your target market or vision, product changes, etc. The key is to keep your social media manager up-to-date with relevant information regarding your business.

The best way for you to stay involved is by checking in weekly, if not daily, on your social media pages and making sure that they stay aligned with your vision and values at all times. This will also help you identify any problems before they get out of hand and allow you time to refocus on your social media goals and priorities.

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